Call My Peeps!
Call My Peeps!
Call My Peeps!

Call My Peeps!

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Call My Peeps!

Everything your furpup wants in a pet tag to make sure his/her people can be contacted!
25mm copper disc hand stamped and personalised with "I'm Lost" (this can also be changed to your pups name if you'd prefer) with a heart charm stamped with a paw mark.
32mm chunky aluminium disc hand stamped with the words "Call my people". The back is personalised with your information.

With these designs being hand stamped this can mean throughout the process they are not perfectly straight and you may find a very slight impression on the other side. These are not flaws they are what makes your pups ID tag unique as no two tags will be exactly the same.

Please note:
Different metals together may cause discolouration on your tag but cleaning it up with a little metal polish will fix that. 
Also, Aluminium is a softer metal and may gain scratches and dints over time if your pooch loves a good adventure. Again we believe this just makes your tag super unique and full of memories. 

It’s the Paw!!
By Uk Law you should have your surname, x1 phone number, house number and postcode on your pets ID tag. Please see our contact info requirements page for more information.

When putting on your contact info we do not use capital letters to reserve space.
Depending how much info you give up to put on it may either not all fit on or go keep going around the disc past the link hole.