About us


A Lady and her Hound decided to go into business and give other dogs the option to be different. 

In November 2017 my family got a little bigger by adding a furry addition.. and since then we have had a lot of laughs, memories and crazy moments.
Our family has always been creative and loved hand making things and as most of our friends have their own fur babies it made so much sense to give these lovely pups something to show off.

 We have been on this journey since July 2018 and it has been just the best seeing how much you like your items, and helping you get to what it is your looking for.
Also we LOVE seeing your pups wearing their L&H accessories, because each tag can be tailored to your furbabes crazy personalities. So its great to see the pup's behind it all!
Thank you so much for visiting our site, we are so grateful to you all for helping our little dream come true.
Love, Sara & Dexter xo