Contact Info Requirements

As we have limited space on the tags reverse we can only fit on the below:


  • Last name
  • House number (or name) & postcode
  • ONE contact number

We will amanded this on your order if you supply more information than what is above to the first phone number given and take out any street name. We will not add Microchipped, spayed etc.

This may change with your area please check to keep your pet safe. Usually it is just your contact number. If this is the case we can fit two contact numbers on the back.

By law in the uk you need last name, house no & postcode and a contact number.

Questions we get asked:
Do I need the microchip number on? - Nope your pets chip gets scanned.
Do I need it to say chipped? - No, all pets should be chipped.
What about if my dog been 'done' - This is not required by law 

When putting on your contact info we do not use capital letters to reserve space. 
Depending how much info you give us to put on it may not all fit on & keep going around the disc past the link hole.

When stamping on your information we follow the edge around the tag, not in lines.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us 🤎